View Full Version : When it rains, it poors

11-20-2005, 05:31 AM
I've been having some trouble with my front breaks the last couple of days, I was planning on(tommorow) swapping out my passenger side caliper because I had to JB Weld the bleeder screw cuse I broke it, it didn't stop leaking but slowed it.
So I've been hearing a grinding coming from the wheels when coasting, and then it started to get louder when I was breaking. This morning on my way to work it locks up on me at a light, I reverse, and then put it into gear and it gets me to work, 5min. away.
Now I'm trying to get home after work today, and its locks up on me, so I put it into reverse and it moves back, so I throw it into 2nd, and try to go, and it locks up. I try to rock it loose, all the time stepping on the brake hoping to release it. I rev it all the way to 7 or 8k, and I start to see smoke coming from under the hood, and by the passengers side wheel. So I turned off the car walk to my moms place to grab my tools.
I get back to the car, pull the wheel, and pull the caliper only to find out it didn't seize up, so now I'm going wtf? scratching my head, so I turn on the car put it into gear, and try to move it, and it won't. I take my foot off the clutch expecting it to die, but it just idles like if I don't have it in gear at all.
So I know I'm fuck'd now cuse I have a blown tranny, and a car that I just finished a motor swap on that I can't drive, that I had to leave 2 block from my house, cuse I was just too tired to push it home.

//end rant