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12-01-2004, 11:41 PM
By Conrad

How to install a Pivot Headlamp Controller

The Pivot Headlamp Controller basically fools the relay (adding a timer) that controls the up/down motion of the headlights to get the desired effect. The knob is what adjusts the timer effect and thus adjusts the headlamp position when the headlights are off.

There are 4 wires on the Pivot Headlamp Controller:
Grey – 12v positive (preferably the cigarette lighter circuit)
Red – ground
Yellow – goes on the green with a yellow stripe wire to the terminal plug
Black – goes on the green with a yellow stripe wire that goes into the OEM wiring

The headlamp circuitry is located in a bright yellow box with two terminals that plug into it. When lying on your back looking under the dash (easiest but painful way to do it) the yellow box is on the right of the steering column. You can see this without having to remove any interior panels. The terminal that controls the headlamp up/down motion is on the right of the yellow box (when lying on your back).

Now the Pivot Headlamp Controller intercepts the signal and adds a delay to it, this is done by cutting the small green with a yellow stripe wire. Connect (solder preferably) the black wire to the green with a yellow stripe wire coming out FROM the terminal plug. The yellow wire gets connected to the green with a yellow stripe wire that goes off into the OEM wiring.

This shows the wire you need to cut.


Note: This is looking at the FRONT of the connector.

Here is a picture of what wire needs to be cut:


Note: There are two green with white stripe wires, do not cut the larger gauge one.

Now the grey wire can be tapped into the positive 12 volt cigarette lighter circuit as it is nearby and will allow full control of the headlamps when the headlamps are in use. The red wire should be grounded to the chassis of the car.

This is the wiring schematic:


You can install the Pivot Headlamp Controller anywhere in the car; here is where I mounted mine:


Now with all that done you should be able to control your headlamp position when they are off. If the headlight stalk is not turned on at all (in the off position) turning the Pivot Headlamp Controller won’t do anything to the headlight position.

To adjust the height of your headlamps when they are off you first turn them on, they will fully open. Then you adjust the knob (the headlight doesn't move when you do this), then shut off the headlamp, it will go to your desired height. If you don't like it, turn the headlamp back on, adjust the knob (more or less) then shut off the headlamp and see if you like the new position of the headlamp.

Also you will NEVER have the sleepy eye look when the headlights are on, only when it is off (unless you do some rewiring of the OEM wiring). The headlamps will be fully opened when the lights are on, but when you shut them off you get the sleepy look.

If you have any problems or want clarification on a Celica application feel free to PM me or email me at catchya@shaw.ca. This is correct to my knowledge mind you I did this mod almost 2 years ago. Thanks to gaiden sensei for the correction and verification that everything is 100% correct.