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  1. Who sells poly bushing kits...
  2. 88 GT wont start!
  3. fuel pump relay
  4. Rear Stock Open Diff to Torsen Advice...w/ Video Explanation
  5. Heater Core Help
  6. What exhaust manifold is this?
  7. Where and why did you put your gauges?
  8. no spark and no fuel
  9. 3S-FE to 5S-FE Swap or new HG
  10. Need to know about 3SFE Motor Mounts
  11. 3S-GE Tune or swap?
  12. '89 Convertible Top problems
  13. no power to distributor!
  14. Celica got flooded in storage, it's a gut job now :(
  15. 3SGE intake question
  16. Light switch, 3 clicks, not two?
  17. Yes, it fits
  18. intake manifold bolts
  19. Right side mirror, parts and advice needed
  20. bracket location help
  21. Gen1 3SGE Headers/Downpipe on an ST162 3SFE
  22. Using Manual Components from a 3SGE to a 3SFE
  23. 3sge vac hose stuffs
  24. Reverse Light Switch
  25. This time a fresh new look.
  26. Generatorn laddar ej
  27. Seriously considering buying an ST165 - send halp!
  28. how do I install a new BVSV
  29. Lowering springs / Coilovers for my 88?
  30. ST162 lowering springs
  31. 3SGE Valve Question
  32. Whiteline Sway Bars: discontinued, order yours ASAP if you want one
  33. Engine overhaul
  34. Passenger door will not open with car key?
  35. Where to buy OEM shocks now? Or what is best replacement today?
  36. 4th gen wiring question
  37. What fwd transmission is compatible with 3s-great motor
  38. Trying to get a Celica back on the road
  39. 91 engine in 87 swap?
  40. Brainstorm?