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  1. Aussie ppl check in here :)
  2. Water Injection, who wants it :)?
  3. Bitchin about Monza BOV
  4. LJ reporting for duty!!!
  5. :)
  6. welcome. new members please read
  7. Knox Ozone
  8. FS: HKS F-Con w/ Fuel Cut Defender
  9. EOI: Official Group A bumper and front support
  10. OT Anything!
  11. NSW Cruise ideas thread
  12. Technical Articles
  13. Project Battery Relocation - Step-by-Step How-To
  14. Spam
  15. Rebuild yes or no?
  16. RARE OPERTUNITY! race engine for sale
  17. Elliott's intake and battery relocation - You too can attempt this!
  18. 4 days till im gone... take care over the break guys..
  19. Merry xmas kids
  20. Wrecked Celica's - if you know where one is, let everyone else know.
  21. Buying spree! + Apexi timer question
  22. HAPPY NEW YEAR! post ur pics and stories :)
  23. MSN Listing
  24. Melb: Tsunami charity cruise
  25. AUST/NZ CelicaTech Member List
  26. It BEGINS!
  27. GT4 Questions about engine
  28. Pfft, who BUYS welders these days!
  29. I want some new wheels!! got any ideas?
  30. dargh no car
  31. celicatech stickers
  32. Slight oil film in coolant :(
  33. WTB: Gen 2 or 3 3SGTE
  34. Aftermarket brakes in AU
  35. ATTN: Classique71 or anyone with contacts =P
  36. IRC chat at OZCelica
  37. FS feeler: 1988 Celica SX (Link to selling thread)
  38. Sydney Cruise Jan 30th!
  39. Sydney Cruise 6th Feb *DATE CHANGED
  40. Gearbox Prices
  41. The answer to the question posed by my sig :) *56k warning!
  42. Help: Air Con Re-gas!
  43. Pics of my carina (272 KB download)
  44. hey from japan!!
  45. Hey who does good Dyno tuning?
  46. The day i put my car up for sale...
  47. Went to willowbank on wednesday night and...
  48. Injector plugs
  49. Roo's trip to hakaido japan :) 56k warnin
  50. Car sightings in japan and some funny engrish signs 56k warnin
  51. Some piccies for ya'll - GRP A n 1st Gen.
  52. Melbourne Cruise!!!! 27/02/05 6/02/05
  53. F1 Melbourne parade
  54. any issues with the 4th gen gtfour?
  55. New Member Of The Gtfour Crew
  56. ballarat vic: Show and shine
  57. Clutches Argghhh!!
  58. 56k waring...My gt-2 in detail... write up with lots of pics
  59. [BNE] CT26 off ST185
  60. Your first GTfour experiences...
  61. Rear mounted battery!
  62. Ladies and Gentlemen...my 165 is now in my driveway
  63. How to: Rear battery relocation (56k warning)
  64. Proud new owner of a 6thgen convertible!!
  65. fuse box relocate, headache,,
  66. Project Engine BuildUp
  67. I Got Tickets To Novas Pimp Party!
  68. GT4 Aftermarket parts.. here
  69. Pillar mounts for gauge.. hows it done?
  70. Meet / cruise pics
  71. finally fixed the dam diff cushion!
  72. My Custom Made Fiberglas RAM Cold Air Intake (without moving battery) (56k waring)
  73. Melb Big Celica Meet!!! Everyone Come 20th March
  74. 3sgte gen2 sump
  75. EGR block off plates
  76. Hi Everyone Just in Case ur not sure who i am!
  77. so howmany of u crew from newcastle
  78. Hey guys need help, sourcing supra ct26 or equivelent
  79. Turbo rebuild
  80. Old celica.net member finally makes it!
  81. some gay bitch keyed my car :(
  82. Another Grp A on ebay!
  83. differences between 89 st184r and 94 model??
  84. Anyone got a Jaycar Issued Trade Card Number??
  85. troubles
  86. Stolen Rims - pleas help!
  87. OT thread: the return!
  88. Celica Meets! Free Image Hosting at Celicatech.com!
  89. anyone in hobart?!?!? gonna be there tomorrow
  90. Adelaide members
  91. about my knee for those that care
  92. newcastle autosalon
  93. Finally got rid of stockers
  94. Turbo Housings
  95. MELB CRUISE:- Sat may 28
  96. dargh alternators *sadface*
  97. EOI: Group A Rallye sticker set!
  98. Cold start injector sensor?
  99. melb meet and BBQ - toymods event may 1
  100. Free Pic Hosting
  101. spotted: celica.net sticker on a car in a wrecker!
  102. NZ members
  103. RightHand TailLight Needed
  104. What ive been up to every night for the last 2 weeks
  105. FS: St185 Gt4 bonnet
  106. Roo's going away party :)
  107. Top 5 ways to send yourself bankrupt
  108. Celicas in Australian Production Car Champs
  109. FS: 90 deg 2.5 inch silicon bends for frontmounts
  110. please don't hate me.
  111. Mods
  112. okay. we need something in here
  113. celica pics
  114. back to the dark side..well sorta
  115. any tips?
  116. Is it just me...
  117. just finished tuning the gt4 in!
  118. melb people: currently organising next cruise, read please
  119. My new car (s13)
  120. melb toyota mechanics
  121. I need celica convetible taillights??
  122. For Sale GT4 ST185 $4300
  123. Wheeee!
  124. How's it hangin, Oz dudes?
  125. Auckland, NZ 5th gen meet
  126. anyone even bother checkin in here any more?
  127. part numbers
  128. Any aussies?
  129. OzCelica.com
  130. Aussie call out
  131. Question For You Guys
  132. Giving away my ST184 Stockies
  133. TE72 T18 Corolla Burnout by Bourkey
  134. Soo.. I'm trying to find another cs gt4
  135. aussies.
  136. Gearbox prices for a 88 st
  137. any one know of vl brakes fitting an 80 celica?
  138. grp A/rc/carlos sainz wta intercooler
  139. How many??
  140. NZ - National Celica Meet
  141. Where to get 1 in Aus - GT4 CS RC BUMPER
  142. Help.. Need Alarm Fob
  143. I'm in Australia now
  144. Auckland new zealand celica and corona meets
  146. ChrisD's headed to NZ, Fiji, and Sydney! What to do?
  147. Aus Celica Meets (NSW)
  148. Brisbane Celica Club