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  1. clutch pedal problem...
  2. had a small accident, bent tie rod.
  3. cold start! need help!
  4. 91 celica convertible engine light on.
  5. Bogs down @ full boost
  6. Purge Canister
  7. Celica '91 - Engine Problems
  8. Oil Leak :(
  9. Is my idle too high?
  10. 2zz-ge serpentine belt and tensioner pulley replacement
  11. Logistics - the best I can do - is it good enough?
  12. Tools - new ones are so much better!
  13. Axle installation
  14. battery question
  15. Cooling Hoses Bursting, Found the Problem, What could be the cause?
  16. 94 Celica GT turns over but will not start
  17. Starter? Battery?
  18. Anyone ever flush their power steering?
  19. Alignment
  20. Suspension Arm Replacement - Wheel play
  21. Too much oil?
  22. looking for 88 and 92 celica service manual pdf file
  23. Denso platinum twin tip plug
  24. Best way to clean out cylinders?
  25. Loss of power under acceleration???
  26. Engine noise
  27. ST215 Code 15 & 78
  28. Running rich at idle
  29. 5FSE Code #27
  30. Definitive Guide to the 5S-FE swap
  31. No start after engine swap - 94 Celica ST
  32. Rear wiper not functional (sorta)
  33. Manual Transmission and suspected Right side drive axle
  34. Oil Cooler suppose to have flow through at all times, right? (3sgte)
  35. Clutch Problems
  36. California O2 Sensor Setup (5F-SE) and What is this plug for?
  37. Rough Idle and rough in low rpms
  38. Wipers and washer motor not working
  39. Engine coated with fluid, oil or leaky power steering?
  40. Couple questions here re: distributor o-ring and big-3 upgrade
  41. im so lost i dont even know what to title my problem
  42. How long can I drive safely with a clicking CV axle?
  43. Turbo timer wiring problems....help needed please
  44. Going to be replacing my drive shafts on Wed. Tips?
  45. Ac/Radiator fan, Water Temp Gauge
  46. No oil, but has pressure?
  47. noisy rear suspension
  48. Clutch issue
  49. 3sgte blowed up...
  50. St205 clutch slave
  51. Leaking water inside somewhere?
  52. blue smoke on start - high compression
  53. Strut Rod Bushing Help
  54. Any help would be great.
  55. Transmission grinding
  56. Odd sound
  57. 14mpg!!!! ????
  58. 95 celica st stalls on cold start only...
  59. Where to access the bgb??
  60. Air bag light- faulty center air bag sensor
  61. Exhaust manifold leak
  62. ST184R brake hoses.
  63. How to change these belts?
  64. replacing front strut inserts
  65. HVAC won't blow full cold
  66. What kind of electrical connectors can I use in the fuel tank?
  67. Car acting like thermostat stuck open, thermostat tests good
  68. CV Joint Cage (bearing)
  69. 3SGTE Belt Tensioner Part Number
  70. Started fine, a little while later wouldn't start at all and still won't.
  71. Need some help with error code P0133
  72. Broken front right brake hose/line fitting.
  73. Need help with Turn Signals and tail lights/ LED problem
  74. 5sfe motor Questions...
  75. Cracked Intake Hose ('90 Celica GT)
  76. 89 celica gt conv. a/c question
  77. General Proccess of oil pan gasket replacment
  78. Starter problem
  79. 91 Celica ST swapped silver top into working out the bugs
  80. Moonroof
  81. Great Info On ST215 Diagrams, pin-outs, trouble codes and much more....
  82. St215 Oil burning issue
  83. Alternator pinouts (Main plug) and importance of auto/manual alternator
  84. 5th gen wheel dust covers.
  85. How to set drive belt tension after alternator replacement
  86. No start/crank after engine pull/clutch job
  87. Nicely organized Celica parts-number catalogue
  88. I have some dumb questions
  89. stuck caliper? or brake booster?
  90. car wont start after swap
  91. Startin problem also but alil differnt
  92. Oil light on, oil level good. Ideas?
  93. 5s-fe idle adjustment
  94. Rear Brake Pinging
  95. How to change odometer reading?
  96. Oil pressure/voltage gauge install question... how to not kink nylon tubing?
  97. What Bolt Size Do I Need To Mount My Engine To It's Stand??
  98. Now that I've got my oil pressure gauge in, what is normal PSI for our cars?
  99. DTC 31_ could this be it
  100. Poppin' Factory Toyota Smoke!!
  101. Getting ready to replace oil pump O-Ring.
  102. 5th gen driveshaft center bearing bracket bolts.
  103. Second axle in a year—what could cause my CV joint to fail like this?
  104. Fuel pressure question
  105. What did I do now?
  106. Cooling issue......le sigh
  107. Alternator Issue Maybe?
  108. ST184 - removing the steering rack.
  109. wheel bearing
  110. Camshaft Removal Question
  111. 3S-FE Head Removed Pics
  112. Bushing Kits?
  113. Second alternator failure in 6 months.
  114. Re-installing Drive shaft (or as Toyota calls it Propeller shaft)
  115. ST205 intercooler Problem
  116. 89 Celica GT Timing Belt ?
  117. Crankshaft belt problems.
  118. my celica oil is all gone but not burning oil either....
  119. Changing top 1992 Convertible
  120. Assist Kick Panel for AC fuse?
  121. How to retrofit our AC system?
  122. won't start sometimes
  123. Another alternator question...
  124. Opinions on AC System Revival
  125. Bootleg Garage?
  126. Locked Front Wheels - No Key
  127. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  128. P0421 CEL
  129. Steering rack mounts.
  130. Odd, PCV valve??
  131. What Is This Thing?
  132. Code 51
  133. squeaking noises...
  134. STA Wire
  135. Trunk rust- ideas?
  136. Master cylinder? (AT180)
  137. Car acting up!
  138. Bubbles on dipstick
  139. Can evaporator acnistor clog cause bad gas mileage?
  140. Repairing cancer...v.sunroof inquires
  141. Starters Hate My Car
  142. source for constant tension spring band hose clamps?
  143. Question regarding performance chips
  144. Where do I find throttle body inlet for 91 all trac w/ TMIC?
  145. Does a 3s flywheel bolt up on a 5s ?
  146. Stuck doors - where is a cop when you need one?
  147. dipping and rising idle problems....sometimes
  148. Wheel bearing goodness...
  149. Rear axle leak (Corolla)
  150. Getting my car ready to drive several hundred miles.
  151. My celi is stuck on stupid.... :frown:
  152. 1990 celica gt hasn't run for 2 months and im about to light it on fire...
  153. Help troubleshoot my friends 00' civic. :D
  154. If it's not one thing it's another
  155. Possible moral dilemma
  156. ST215 knock sensor CEL
  157. 1994 celica sx 5sfe wont start problem
  158. :-/ ........
  159. Need this piece
  160. AC low pressure switch
  161. Help with timing belt
  162. Cool AC hose company
  163. Odd (re)starting issue
  164. jdm parts order
  165. I just want my 89 GTS to be running
  166. Anything special to remove cruise control for timing belt?
  167. Passenger side axle bracket
  168. 1990 Celica GT issue. Clutch?
  169. Anybody have any magical advice on sealing a water pump?
  170. Throtle issues and jerking around
  171. ATS Thermostat stuck closed
  172. Rounded off idler bearing bolt. How can I get it loose?
  173. Where are the drain holes on '96 conv. quarter panels?
  174. Oil pump seal question
  175. Fuel Injector Seal Kits
  176. Window spayer
  177. How much movement in the heater core mounting
  178. Oil Pressure Issue
  179. Handbrake problems
  180. Problems
  181. st205 wrc wont rev pass 3k rpm
  182. Anyone want to help
  183. Oil pressure check w/ engine out of the car
  184. Safe to pick up car by the engine?
  185. new help from the 3 gen pros!!
  186. ST 165 turbo
  187. Over rev since oil cat h can install?
  188. Whats this damn sound??
  189. turbo 5sfe stubles under high rpm load.
  190. Valve Jobs
  191. Engine overheated and now it won't start. Any ideas?
  192. St205 3sgte Gen 3 in St185 little problem
  193. Can you re-use weatherstripping?
  194. Fuel smell after shuting off engine....
  195. Starting problem with the All Trac
  196. starting problem help please!!!!!!
  197. 91 Celica 4A-FE Head Replace - Head Bolts?
  198. Cooling system hoses
  199. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the light on my dash!!!!!
  200. 5th Gen Temp Gauge
  201. 4afe Timing belt and water pump replacement
  202. misfire between 2k and 4.5k rpm
  203. Sensor in the Radiator
  204. Pulsing Lights
  205. needd hellppppp
  206. 4AF T-Belt Carnage
  207. Urgent! Need help asap, brake failure!
  208. Body patch panels 7th gen Celica GT
  209. celica fuel pump
  210. 1zz issue... sensor?
  211. My strange hybrid v.need suggestions for best way to do it
  212. Idle problem....
  213. jaydog's how to change st165 drive shaft u-joint/ spider joints
  214. alt adjustment bolt
  215. Brake system questions
  216. 3SFE Valve Clearance Issue
  217. Rounded off brake line nut
  218. Sway bar removal
  219. Never Mind....
  220. why does celica run better with tps unplugged?
  221. Brake bleeding/flushing
  222. 4afe rev limiter fail?
  223. Brake question
  224. Not another oil thread (ok it is...)
  225. rough idle possible missifre
  226. sunroof question
  227. radiator
  228. Why I don't like sprung clutches
  229. Key broke in Ignition
  230. looking for the ST205 94-97 electrical diagrams
  231. "Card in bike spoke" noise on decel
  232. who lives in ontario GTA area and has did a 205 swap??
  233. ...no start
  234. 205 MAP sensor location
  235. heater not working...
  236. 4th Gen Reverse Lights
  237. How to clean coolant overflow tank
  238. How much gear oil?
  239. Piston carnage inside!
  240. rattle noise at 2100RPM
  241. Code 54 and a boost controller...one question!
  242. How I spent my day v.brainfried
  243. apexi power FC or AEM
  244. Stumble while accelerating, certain rpm
  245. Swap isn't starting...v.no fuel
  246. Why you should bench test your fuel pumps before installation
  247. Low voltage from alternator
  248. high idle & erratic
  249. Car not shifting into gear unless it is turned off
  250. Anybody Have a Freeze Plug Leak?