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  1. How do i tell what year.
  2. Running larger injectors on the stock ECU...correction values?
  3. boost controller doesnt work
  4. The 3S-GTE AFM is useless
  5. injector Question
  6. Anyone here use a Gt30R on 3sgte
  7. carlos sainz 3sgte
  8. exhuast system
  9. Connecting my bov
  10. EFI Relay Question
  11. Fmic
  12. Dual Exhaust
  13. Does anyone else in here runs SDS?
  14. Did I mess up?
  15. I finally killed the clutch, need suggestions
  16. Project 5sgtze
  17. 90 GT4 vs 93 AT ECU internals
  18. JDM Alltrac ECU
  19. i'm sure there is an easy answer for this
  20. Ever heared of a Tom's CT20b?
  21. It Has Started!!!
  22. My Custom Made Fiberglas RAM Cold Air Intake (without moving battery) (56k waring)
  23. Personal musings on 3SGTE fuel requirements
  24. OEM Supra TT fuel pump in a 6th gen
  25. 3 inch all the way back
  26. spark plug gap
  27. Use a Gameboy SP as your gauges
  28. how to install a SAFCII in a 94 GT
  29. Leaky Compressor seals
  30. simple two step ? crystal oscillators ?
  31. 3sgte swap fuel pump? 5sfe FP=bad
  32. Good for Low-Compression set ups?
  33. Who needs a turbo when you can do this??
  34. installing fuel injectors
  35. car started smoking?
  36. ct26 to ct20b swap
  37. MrWot or Nuke
  38. Warning: easy question
  39. forged internals
  40. new lsd tranny or just build stock tranny
  41. CT27:whos done it?
  42. Average running temp.?
  43. Ebay dp and exhaust manafolds
  44. OT: TTE warehouse pics
  45. 3sgte mr2 vs 3sgte alltrac
  46. God it feels good to boost again
  47. retard timing
  48. Theres a hole in my 3s!! eek omg!! pics inside
  49. 5sfte exhaust
  50. hmm... CAI?
  51. 3s-gte in MR2 dynos 808 WHP
  52. Help please- No pulse
  53. Ok 2 mount a CT-26 Twin Entry on a 1st Gen 3sgte exhaust manifold that had a single??
  54. valve cover polishing guide
  55. Engine has been recieved
  56. My motor is runnin pretty smooth
  57. 91 Celica GTS mods?
  58. Found out why Crank wont spin
  59. Re-routed piping (again) PICS
  60. I spoke to soon. Wont start now!?
  61. 5sfte Fuel Pressure, Is there a known FPR I can swap? or Aftermarket?
  62. Need some info on Injectors
  63. Mufflers....
  64. Another coolant leak....
  65. 2rd gen turbo on a 1st gen??
  66. how much oil pressure should my t3 see?
  67. MR2 shift linkage
  68. Boost gauge
  69. dual vvt-i
  70. Anyone Got Ideas? My 1992 Gts
  71. 5sfte loses power
  72. Clutch Problem
  73. GT4/AllTrac ECU not compatible with SW20
  74. anyone have any pictures of turbonetics manifold?
  75. Steel Braided Clutch Line
  76. Oil Pressure gauge
  77. What about the smt7?
  78. Fuel or Blow By?
  79. Injector Duty cycle on bigger turbo
  80. I drove it but........
  81. 5th injector? wtf is this thing?
  82. Clutches
  83. Coolant overflow problem.....
  84. teething problems SMT6
  85. 91 Celica w/3SGTE -> How to quiet down exhaust?
  86. Need exhaust manifold for a custom turbo!
  87. Progress Report
  88. Turbo timer wire question
  89. CLEAN turbo timer install.....
  90. Air Flow Conrollers
  91. Need CT26 turbine wheel specs
  92. RX-7 S4 500cc injectors into Alltrac
  93. Need help with ST165 exhaust manifold!
  94. possible?
  95. stage 3 ct26 - max for stock CS 185c internals? ST165
  96. 5SFTE questions.
  97. Knock sensor Wire
  98. Weighed the GT swap last night
  99. installing a fuel pressure regulater
  100. looks like its repair time
  101. OT: Soon to be reboosted ?
  102. Remanufactured Turbo's
  103. Need Help on Price...
  104. Head gaskets and Studs OH my! (5sfe/5sfte)
  105. 3SGTE piston ring gap
  106. intake vaccum nipple size
  107. ST-185 Parts and Stuff For Sale
  108. Frequency to 0-5v conversion....
  109. Gen7 VVTLI 2ZZGE Turbo review
  110. ST185 Spark Plugs - Just Curious
  111. 5sfe turbo question...
  112. Update on MR2
  113. What kind of oil do you f00z recommend
  114. My new parts list. (5SFTE project)
  115. Has anyone ever stripped a exhaust mani stud?
  116. Fuel Filter Questions
  117. EBC Install - Finished Pics
  118. Which turbo
  119. MR2 Day 1
  120. swap question
  121. Passing emissions w/3sgte
  122. charge temps and compression ratios and 1/4 mile times
  123. MR2 day 2
  124. UPDate on swap
  125. Question for you swappers
  126. FMIC Size?
  127. Need a picture/diagram (NOT THE BGB) of the TVIS/TVSV vacuum lines
  128. Help me understand something (Vacuum line/PCV question/discussion)
  129. Them Ebay Dumps and MAnifolds
  130. Well, she's almost finished!
  131. BOV mounting location?(with pic)
  132. Greddy Profec B installed!
  133. JDM 3SGTE ODB question
  134. changing oil
  135. Haltech E6X Problems
  136. Urgent: I just got my 2bar MAP, but not sure if it is or not :( (part#doesnt match)
  137. 5sfte'rs..what plugs?
  138. TamKO downpipe and exhaust manifold
  139. Fuel pressure guage for my AFPR, what do you use? think?
  140. charcole canister
  141. How much play is too much play?
  142. Sad day
  143. two vids of my 3s
  144. One Vid of my Alltrac (Lagos Inspired Revenge)
  145. What I've been up to ***56K no no***
  146. ignition celica st mod
  147. 'Video Wars' addition
  148. Intercooler Pipe Size
  149. 4agze swap wiring questions
  150. Check out this boost controller/turbo timer/other gadget
  151. MR2 intake fuel pump kits work on st184's? What do you use 5sfte's??
  152. What kind of plugs do you guys run on your 3s?
  153. Wolfkatz TFFR and SFFR fuel rail install *with pics*
  154. bypass to bov
  155. Ignition upgrade for 5SFE
  156. Increasing Throttle Body Size on an ST185 Fitted with a Gen 1 3SGE Inlet Manifold
  157. st185 FMIC kit
  158. xs-power T04E turbos
  159. How much could i sell my ct26 for?
  160. (Videos)0-90mph runs
  161. *my 5sfte vids*
  162. Help..How many 'J' bends to order tomorrow? 5sfte on ST184. Yikes!!
  163. Aquiring Male and Female Molex Plugs for the 3SGTE?
  164. Oil Leak
  165. First Drive
  166. Need a new clutch disc. Your guys preference
  167. 3sgte into st184 convertible, wiring questions
  168. Check out my CT-26....Fins OK?
  169. car pulls to one side after swap *vid inside*
  170. Gen3 3sgte cams in Gen2 head
  171. 3 motors, 3 swaps, THIRD times the charm *vids
  172. Muffler & Intake is name brand worth the money?
  173. custom 3" exhaust piping job in a non-alltrac celica
  174. My big, long, fat, _____...
  175. DIY: eManage Install into 1990 Celica ST(4AFE) w/pics
  176. codes 21 and 43 swapped 5th gen
  177. how does an ecu pull ignition timing with a distributor?
  178. 2 bar map sensor
  179. Radiator Overflow
  180. shift cables
  181. Hey Weasy2k, any updates on the SMT7?
  182. help, to much boost!
  183. Engine Management Tutorial
  184. Need new clutch system. Or tranny?
  185. Welcome MrWOT as the Moderator of Tuning & Engine Management
  186. EMS: when would it be absolutely necessary?
  187. Turbo Starlet!
  188. Fcd?
  189. basics behind tuning?
  190. Need help Trouble shooting idle
  191. 6th gen 3sgte swap questions
  192. ST185s Take a picture of your Turbo Pressure Assy sensors pls
  193. 5sfte'rs injector grommets and orings?
  194. Broken Ring Lands on 3 of 4 cylinders
  195. noob
  196. Mustang Injector size?
  197. DSM 450 Injectors in 3SGTE?
  198. Injector Refrence Data
  199. Bad noise need help
  200. 3sgte swap done, but now headlights and parking lights dont work...help!!!
  201. Who has used or is using the cast iron turbonetics manifold?
  202. Why the Walbro pump gets a bad rep.
  203. 3sgte swap complete, car running, but cutting out at 3500 rpms...help!!!
  204. Attn: ChrisD tell me more about the J&S Safegaurd
  205. Tranny dead, considering alternatives
  206. Stock GT-Four Fuel flow rate
  207. any ideas??
  208. new 5sfte setup dyno.
  209. 3000 mile update
  210. What does a 2 bar map sensor look like?
  211. 3sgte Radiator Fan Wiring Problem
  212. Dyno Prices?
  213. Aluminum radiator for st184 w/3sgte
  214. very cool site to help you find a dynojet!
  215. 3sgte w/ s53 trans, where to shift
  216. connecting the AC on your swap...
  217. upgraded axels for GT tranny
  218. Electric Supercharger
  219. Think I found out what happened to my engine
  220. Getting closer. And here's a vid while I'm at it.
  221. Preliminary MAP conversion Excel File Screen Cap
  222. 3sgte Help
  223. I had a clogged flex pipe!! getting exhaust ready for 5sfte
  224. flex oil return & feed line?????
  225. installing a 3in down pipe
  226. GT4 or Caldina
  227. EGT Probe Location Question
  228. 5sfte Port and Polish for tubo?
  229. Electronics / Wiring Guru's HELP!! Going fricken nuts! Pwr/Gnd for SMT6
  230. 5sfte injector...cali spec uhoh..
  231. 5SFTE and Greddy Emanage
  232. Nice read on tuning
  233. s53's suck..mine might be going pretty soon
  234. HELP: installed straight intake car wont idle
  235. CT26 exhaust restriction
  236. turbo timer question
  237. Auto powered ST183 with 3SGTE help please
  238. 7agte project getting close to finishing
  239. motor nolonger turning over * sound clip
  240. my 5sfte turbo project
  241. My 5sfte project. Intercooler dilemma.
  242. 165 rebuild
  243. what do you think of my 3s motor (video)
  244. Profec B vs EVC IV AVC-R
  245. 3stge at idle in a 98 convertible (video)
  246. 3sgte through the neighborhood
  247. Added to sticky: wiring diagrams
  248. 5sfte help
  249. swapers i need your help
  250. Controlling a Greddy ProfecB actuator module with an SMT 7