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  1. weird coil on plug ignition setup on a stock ECU
  2. Rethinking my build
  3. SAFC or SAFC2?
  4. car wont start or crank, help!!!
  5. CT-26 Oil Pressure?
  6. Advice on Water/Methanol Injection?
  7. Is there a FWD, 5SPD and LSD tranny that can bolt to the 3SGTE?
  8. Turbo questions please help
  9. ST185 FMIC?
  10. 3sge to 3sgte transplant wiring question
  11. CT26 60trim help.
  12. Safe boost pressures on stock motor???
  13. I want to talk about MAP ECU2
  14. Exhaust manifolds?
  15. 4th Gen 3S-GTE, Need Help With Some Plumbing Routing..
  16. Custom stuff - interest?
  17. Worth going front mount on 165?
  18. wierd boost readings
  19. 2 ?s vacuum "what are these for"
  20. Quite possibly the best explanation of how a knock sensor works!
  21. Turbo Questions Please Help???
  22. Confused on the engine I have...
  23. k&n intake system 1991 celica gt4/alltrac???
  24. blitz nur spec or hks silent high power exhaust?? st185
  25. BorgWarner EFR Turbos
  26. Down pipe questions?
  27. magical white smoke...
  28. New 5S-FE turbo kits
  29. W2A IC options
  30. Is this the way to do my project?
  31. 1990 Celica 5SFE power adders?
  32. Found an engine... a few concerns.
  33. Big weekend planned....
  34. ST205 Charcoal Canister Vacuum Hose Routing
  35. Innercooler...
  36. st185 piston upgrade?
  37. Synapse Engineering's Blow Off Valve Test
  38. s54 transmission strength
  39. Exhaust Leak
  40. 3sgte exhuast fitman in a regular celica.
  41. Rev3 FWD Dyno Results
  42. Swapping a 3rd gen 3SGTE into Jims '93 Alltrac
  43. gen3 block issue confirmed and also disprooved !!
  44. Cams and supporting mods
  45. gt35r?
  46. What's the real difference between these to pumps?
  47. ECU pulling timing
  48. Precision 3431E??
  49. 3sgte research
  50. forged pistons and supporting mods
  51. greddy emanage blue vs nitrous express kit
  52. universal throttle body?
  53. everyone should read this :)
  54. Swap cost?
  55. 5SFE rev.2 questions
  56. 2nd gen 3sgte sputter? missfires? from 2k-3k rpm after rebuilt
  57. Dual core aluminum radiator for swappers
  58. 3sgte + E153 lsd clutch?
  59. ST 215 Boost Cut?
  60. 5SFTE Questions
  61. twin turbo 3SGTE?
  62. im with luni now, i <3 gen3 efi with my exhaust cam -6*
  63. Are all adjustable cam gears created equal?
  64. Best Turbo Upgrad
  65. Electric superchargers
  66. what are you guys using to shield your....
  67. Turbo won't boost over 8 psi
  68. Anyone Know Anything About Innovative Research Turbos?
  69. tial wastegate vs hks wastegate
  70. Solid hot side pipes
  71. water/meth injection kit
  72. new here , can someone help ?
  73. Wastegate and heat damage, how to clock a rusty turbo?
  74. 5sfte wont run
  75. What do you think of this Turbo Compressor?
  76. Setup 500WHP but i got a question
  77. Installed the FMIC today
  78. ST215 missing plug part numbers
  79. 5S vs 3S deck height and oil gallery questions
  80. Possible 5SFTE Project?
  81. 3S-GTE swap emissions questions.
  82. I was seriously about to sell my Celica
  83. What's the connector shape for the ST205 intake temp sensor?
  84. SARD ecu, anyone?
  85. st205 wrc vacuum diagram
  86. 3rd gen 3sgte swap questions
  87. ST 185 Boost Controller
  88. ST205 Code 23
  89. No Vaccuum For PCV In Intake Before Turbo
  90. N/A ---> Turbo tach
  91. Options for eliminating the AFM
  92. Planning out an RC build, what to buy/expect?
  93. Oil catch can install with straight intake
  94. Did I plumb it right? v.vacuum & boost goodies
  95. 5SFE Turbo Options
  96. Gasket rebuild kit for a CT26
  97. funny story
  98. turbo kit
  99. 5sgte fuel cut
  100. Tach adapter & installation
  101. ECU Pinout 89661-20770
  102. SSQV
  103. St184 3sgte swap question
  104. ATS turbo kits, any experience?
  105. Intercooler (i need your help)
  106. Need info on some 5SFE ECU pinouts
  107. Need suggestions for intercooler pipe --> throttle body coupler
  108. Anyone Running an EMS Powered Turbo Kit?
  109. cam pistons
  110. Having major issues with knock retard
  111. Planning a build
  112. air conditioning a/c not working after swap?
  113. Oil pressure sender relocation
  114. The Turbo Calculator.
  115. piecing togather a swap vs. buying complete.
  116. PLX DM-6 Multi Gauge Display + Wideband SM-AFR2 Kit
  117. I think I know what Im going to do with the MR2 engine...
  118. stock turbo upgrade...
  119. turbo problemes now....
  120. Definative st185 3SGTE modest street build thread
  121. How to cool down an engine bay
  122. Charge pipe to throttle body coupler keeps blowing off
  123. Am I hitting fuel cut on my gen4 3s-gte?
  124. So I bought AEM's EMS-4 for my st215
  125. Found a competent CT-26 rebuilder
  126. Bought me a new turbo.
  127. Got to be boost leak, right?
  128. Turbo delete on st185, rally pros help
  129. 205 intercooler pipes
  130. 3sgte stock exhaust manifold...
  131. Cheapest way to retard cam timing?
  132. How to build a resistor pack?
  133. Wastegate acutator replacement
  134. Mega squirt PNP.
  135. St215 powered st185 running on EMS-4 Base Map Inside.
  136. What should it look like?
  137. High Comp + Low Boost?
  138. How to choose a turbo
  139. Rebuild time..
  140. 1992 Celica GT engine swap
  141. Recommend me an air filter
  142. Not all Holsets are alike. If you're looking at running a Holset turbo, read this.
  143. Clutch recommendations for ST215 and E153
  144. Air control unit
  145. anyone with firsthand knowledge of the Greddy E-manage blue
  146. boost problems with my 20g :(
  147. Car computer tuning
  148. Final preperations for 3S swap. Need some input.
  149. Re-built a CT-26 yesterday instead of CT20b
  150. 5sfe trubo set up
  151. RC Injectors
  152. 1990 celica st turbo
  153. Wiring Harness Swap Question
  154. Engine management?
  155. Yeah 3sgte
  156. 3SGTE piecemeal into AT180
  157. More intercooling?
  158. 3sgte harness sw20 to st184
  159. 3sgte PS pump vacuume lines st184 to jdm sw20 conversion set up
  160. Some of you dont have Facebook, and this is what this forum is for, so MR2 update
  161. Final st215 questions/confirmations
  162. Deleting pins and adding pins to engine harness
  163. Fuel Pump upgrade andNo fuel
  164. gen 2 3sgte Stalling and hesitating
  165. EFI to Not?
  166. Hesitant motor fuel, spark or air issue ?
  167. Stage 2 turbo?
  168. 5sfe turbo/tuning???
  169. Hybrid 3S-GTE motors
  170. Cut wires on a gen4 import
  171. Cant hit boost
  172. Build Thoughts and Ideas
  173. ct26 turbo
  174. AFR gauge lean ideal rich
  175. Lightened flywheel
  176. Cold air box how to?
  177. How To: Install PTFE hose ends and fittings
  178. Stock ST185 turbo boosting?
  179. How to use a A/T ECU for manual transmission
  180. Stir the pot a bit -- ST246 swaps